Twist Menorah by Nambe
Twist Menorah by Nambe

Twist Menorah by Nambe

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Product description

Twist Menorah by Nambe Holiday traditions deserve uniquely beautiful accoutrements to celebrate with, and this menorah is exactly that. Ideal for the contemporary home, our Twist Menorah offers a modern expression of ancient custom.

Candles come alive as their flames reflect warmly in its gleaming geometric base, infusing your next Hanukkah with style.

Made of Nambe alloy 15 inches long by 5.5 inches high Candles not included

Designed by Todd Myers Introduced in April 2010 Length: 15 In. Height: 5.5 In.

Care A light coating of vegetable oil applied to preheated or chilled Namb Alloy for each use will provide a protective barrier for highly acidic foods and help protect the finish

Use wooden or soft rubber utensils to avoid scratches

Remove dust and fingerprints with a soft, damp cloth Use care when placing heavier Namb pieces on glass surfaces Never put Namb Alloy pieces in the microwave Do not put Namb Alloy in the dishwasher or leave in standing water for long periods of time

Do not leave food in your Namb Alloy for longer than three hours; food left for long periods will result in discoloration Citrus fruits, peeled or unpeeled, can cause discoloration;

highly acidic or salty foods, such as dairy, mayonnaise, tomatoes, other fruits, and vinegars, can cause discoloration and/or pitting For Candleholders: To remove wax from candleholders, place them in the freezer until chilled and remove wax; wash with a soft cloth in hot soap and water to remove any wax that remains and dry with a soft cloth For Peppermills:

To clean your mill, wipe its body with a soft, damp cloth; do not immerse it in water; and always allow your mill to dry completely after cleaning and before filling