Turquoise Rainbow Fusion Mezuzah

Turquoise Rainbow Fusion Mezuzah

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Turquoise Rainbow Fusion Mezuzah Fusion Glass Handmade In USA by Tamara Baskin Born and raised in Israel, Tamara Baskin moved to the United States where she began her career in art.

A self taught artist with some twenty years experience working in several mediums, Tamara's Judaica works are fused glass, with an emphasis on creating elegant yet functional designs to celebrate Jewish life.

Each piece is signed and dated. The technique of fusing glass goes back to biblical times. Layers of glass are cut and then arranged in a kiln to be fired to a temperature of 1550 degrees when it becomes one piece of glass.

A second firing is required to form the piece into a bowl or platter. Slumping into a mold may create variations of crackling in the precious letters.

Pre drilled holes at top and bottom will secure this piece with included brass screws. Indoor or outdoor use. No two are exactly alike. Hand cut, hand assembled, fused and slumped.

This piece measures 5.5 inches / 14 Cm in length. Use a 10 Cm Standard Size Parchment (Klaff) for this Mezuzah

*Handcrafted in the US*