The Power to Change Kabbalah Pendant

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This uniquely shaped Kabbalah pendant makes one-of-a-kind piece for luck and protection.
Made of sterling silver and 9K gold, the Kabbalah pendant is inscribed in Hebrew with traditional Kabbalist codes and a Biblical verse.
The front side of the pendant features a Hebrew verse from the book of Ecclesiastes : "He hath set the world in their heart" (3: 11)
According to this verse, God in His great wisdom has set eternity in the hearts of men. Our mind and hearts allow us to constantly be involved and participate in what goes around us. Faith and action make everything possible.

The Kabbalah pendant is also inscribed with two of the 72 Names of God:
The first is the three letter combination in Hebrew, Alef-Lamed-Dalet used by the Kabbalah to ward off the Evil Eye. The second combination Mem-Heh-Shin is believed to possess a special quality for bringing health and cure.
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