The Kind Eye Kabbalah Bracelet for Protection

The Kind Eye Kabbalah Bracelet for Protection

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We proudly present you with this stunning Kabbalah bracelet. The piece is entirely handmade from leather and silver. The Kabbalah bracelet is specially designed for protection against the evil eye. At the heart of the bracelet you can see the kind eye motif. The kind eye refers to the positive energies that may surround us and protect from any evil. The eye motif is made according to the a special Kabbalist formula, known as the five metals. According to the Kabbalah the blending of the five metals (Gold, Silver, Copper, Tin and Lead) at a certain time in the month draws on powerful energies. Five metals jewelry is considered to be a virtue for blessing and protection. The silver part is inscribed In Hebrew with the verse:" Work in my behalf a sign for good" (book of Psalms: 76) .

The other side is inscribed in Hebrew with the sacred 72 Names of God for protection and blessing Below the famous phrase Ben Porat Yoseph is also inscribed. In the book of Genesis we are told that when our father Jacob blesses his youngest son , he calls him Ben Porat Yoseph, which means a fruitful, abundant son. Since Joseph is considered a righteous man in Jewish tradition, it has become a custom to use this verse as a virtue for blessing and protection against negative energies.