Star of Jacob Kabbalah Pendant

Star of Jacob Kabbalah Pendant

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Product description

This sterling silver and 9K gold Star of David pendant is one of our most unique pieces. Set with Chrisoberyl gem (Cat's eye) the pendant includes several Jewish and Kabbalist motifs. Inside the pendant the verse Shema Yisrael (Hear O Israel) is inscribed in Hebrew. In the back of the Star of David pendant three of the72 Names are inscribed.

Resh-Heh-Ayine that is used to bring growth and change, Ayine-Resh-Yod to strengthen self confidence, protection and certainty and Samech-Yod-Tet- used to perform miracles .It stands for the power to bribg a change in state of mind or conduct.

At the top of the Star of David two more names are engraved : Alef-Lamed-Dalet for protection against the Evil Eye, and Samech-Alef-Lamed for abundance and success. This Star of David pendant combines energetic tools for safe-guard, divine protection and bringing about a positive change in life.

Size: 0.75 x 0.5 in. (1.8 x 1.2 cm.)
Materials: .925 silver, 9K gold
Gender : Unisex