Standing Menorah

Standing Menorah

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Product description

Standing Menorah This steel Hanukkah Menorah is handmade and designed by an artist. Care for it well and it will last forever. This is an artistic piece that you will be proud to display and love to use. Your synagogue or Jewish organization should have a look at our steel menorahs, one will be perfect to help celebrate Hannukah the Festival of Lights. Delia's pieces are sold in fine art galleries throughout the United States. The menorah you purchase will be made and packed in the studio and shipped directly to your door. For sale here is the Standing Floor Menorah by artist Ivan McLean. How many of you would be surprised to learn that the two standing floor menorahs are Delia's best sellers? This one breaks down at the center ball bearing for shipping or storage. Most efficiently shipped in pairs. A dramatic statement that looks good in a public forum or the home. Dimensions: 60" tall Please note that this is a handmade product. This means there are variations in texture and color. This is a sign of its uniqueness and one of a kind value. Accordingly the piece you purchase may not look exactly like the photos here. Delia does not alter the color of their work. This allows you to appreciate the intrinsic nature of the steel. Each piece is either finished with a clear lacquer or wax. The menorahs for sale here are not meant to be used outdoors. CARE AND MAINTENANCE Though often thought synonymous with invincibility, steel is subject to a wide array of damage. he most common is rust. If rusting occurs do the following. Remove the rust. This can be done with an abrasive such as the scrub pads that are commonly used for washing metal pots. Once the rust is removed a coating needs to be reapplied so that the moisture in the air does not come in contact with the steel causing further oxidation. A paste wax is recommended. The same wipe on waxes used for wood furniture will work just fine. Waxes can also help to hide minor scratches and discoloration. Remember that the works designed by Delia are handmade and the many variations in texture and color are to be seen as a sign of their uniqueness and one of a kind value.