Standard Kosher Parchment (Klaf/Scroll)

Standard Kosher Parchment (Klaf/Scroll)

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100% Kosher Parchment

Sofer Checked & Computer examined Description: The parchment or Klaff is the essence of the Mezuzah. The text includes the most important Jewish prayer, the Shema. The scroll is handwritten in Israel, on parchment, by a professional scribe and comes in its original sealed package. According to Jewish Law every Mezuzah should contain a kosher scroll. We include mounting instructions and a translation of the Hebrew text. ATTENTION ! **Don't stand for 2nd best as this is an important spiritual commandment and protector!** (non kosher mezuzah scroll has no spiritual value and according to kabbalah is cause of many problems in the house!) Features: •Kosher Mezuzah Scroll On Skin •Handwritten on skin in jerusalem/Israel by a professional STAM certified sofer scribe •2 Level of Kosher Qualification and checkpoints Computer & Sofer checked in Israel •Comes in a sealed and stamped clear plastic pouch •No returns if the sealed plastic pouch has been opened Price for quantity : 3 for 150.00 4 @ 192.00 5 @ 230.00 6 @ 264.00 7@ 295.00 8 @ 321.00 9 @ 347.50 10 @ 371.50