Megillahs Scrolls

Megillah Scrolls Handwritten In Israel

at we offer a wide and unique selection of completed megillahs, megillot, & customized megillahs according to your needs.

Judaica Kingdom offer all five Megillot:

1-megillah Esther
2-megillat Ruth
3-megillat Kohelet
4-megillat Eicha
5-megillat Shir hashirim

The megillah scrolls come in varying sizes, qualities, writing style customs and lines per column, particularly megillah Esther.

The most common Megillas Esther is 28 lines per column with each line being either 8mm or 1cm tall and the heights are 12” and 16” respectively.

Some cheaper megillas Esther are 21 lines per column and are generally not Hamelech.

Some prefer an 11 line megillah Esther and Chabad megillas Esther is 42 lines per column, like a Torah scroll.

At one time the 42 line per column megillah Esther was very common but this is no longer the case.

No matter what type of Purim megillah you are interested in we have a Purim megillah to suit your needs.

For megillat Rut, Kohellet, Eicha and Shir hashirim, they are either 21 or 42 lines per column.
Generally, only non Chassidic Ashkenazim read these megillot on their appropriate holidays from a kosher parchment.
There are 2 common tikkunim that these megillot are based on – Berdichev and Ben Asher. There are varying opinions as to which tikkun should be used so consult your rabbi.

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