Kabbalah Pendant with Sapphire

Kabbalah Pendant with Sapphire

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Product description

This drop-shaped Kabbalah necklace is made of sterling silver and gold.
This unique Kabbalah necklace is Hebrew engraved with a verse from the book of Ecclesiastes "At the end of the matter, all having been heard"(12: 13). This verse expresses life view according to which everything is known and comes down to the best. The Kabbalah pendant also features two of the 72 names of God: Resh-Heh-Ayine that is used by the Kabbalah to bring personal growth and change, and the combination Alef-Lamed-Dalet for protection against the Evil Eye.
The Kabbalah necklace is set with emerald gem that is auspicious of growth and abundance, sense of purity and harmony. The necklace is also set with a Sapphire for clear mind and focus , tranquility and relationships.

Size: 0.65 x 1.1 in. (1.6 x 2.7 cm.)
Materials: .925 silver, 9K gold
Gender : Unisex