Kabbalah Merkabah Necklace

Kabbalah Merkabah Necklace

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Product description

This beautiful Kabbalah necklace is made from 9K Gold. The three-dimensional Star of David form is known as Merkabah . Due to its special structure, the Merkabah is believed to release spiritual energies. Merkabah is a metaphor in Kabbalah for reaching a higher consciousness. The Merkabah design is an amulet that provide the wearer with protection in all directions of the sun.

The Kabbalah pendant is also inscribed with the 72 Names of God. The 72 names of God are comprised of 72 three-letter combinations in Hebrew from the book of Exodus from which the Kabbalah derives its answers to various aspects of life such as success, love and health. Each of the 72 names of God has its unique power and energy depending on the purpose.

This is a unique and spiritual piece.