Hadar 4 Minim

Hadar 4 Minim

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Product description

The Hadar Minim set patent allows you to carry
all four species in one elegant carrier with
extra room for your prayer book and prayer shawl. 4 Minim 4 Advantages

1.Arba Minim Carrying Comfort
The Hadar Minim set allows you to carry all four species anywhere in an easy.

Comfortable manner by fitting into an elegant carrier with extra space for your prayer book and prayer shawl.

2.Arba Minim Protection
The Hadar Minim set is made of strong durable materials which protect your four species.

Worldwide patent: the container includes a moist base that ensures the freshness of your palm, myrtle and willow branches. The set is further covered with a protective casing for the palm branch point.

Worldwide patent: an elegant citron holder is integrated into the set, held firmly in place by a strong magnet.

3.Elegance and prestige in Mitzva Netilat haLulav
The Hadar Minim set is a prestigious solution for carrying the Four Species, enhancing fulfillment of the Biblical commandment.

4.Beauty and Grandeur of Judaica Item Hadar Minim
The Hadar Minim set also serves as a Judaica item of great beauty, decorating the internal space of the synagogue during prayer services, adorning your Succah booth during the festival, and your Jewish household at other times.

Set "Hadar Minim" includes several parts:
1. Base
2. Lower palm protective base
3. Moisture sponge
4. Citron case
5. Upper protective palm casing
6. Carrier

• Height: 100 sm
• Base diameter: 9.45 sm
• Weight: 1.25 kg

Assembly Instructions:
• Remove the set from its plastic encasing.
1.Moisten the sponge (3) with a little water
and position it at the base of the Lower palm protector (2).
2.Insert the lower-palm protector (2) onto its base (1).
3.Insert the palm, myrtle and willow branches into the Lower palm protective base (2) and on the moist sponge (3).
4.Slip on the upper protective palm casing (5).
5.Position the citron container(4) on the magnetic base (1).
6.Insert the citron into its container (4) and close it.
• insert the set of Four Species, your prayer
book and prayer shawl into it's carrier (6).

מצוות נטילת לולב
ולקחתם לכם ביום הראשון פרי עץ הדר כפת תמרים וענף עץ עבת וערבי נחל ושמחתם לפני יהוה אלקיכם שבעת ימים

Unity of the People
Holding the four species together as one agglomerated unit symbolizes the need to link all parts of the people of Israel. Israel is likened, according to the Sages, to the four species, each representing one group within the nation. The citron has both aroma and flavor, and is like the whole of Israel, which includes individuals who are bound to the wisdom of Bible and do good deeds. The palm has flavor (through its fruit, the date) but has no aroma, and is like those among the people of Israel who possess wisdom but do not do good deeds. The myrtle is aromatic, but has no flavor, and is like those among the people who do good, but lack the wisdom and learning of Bible. Lastly, the willow, which has neither aroma nor flavor, is likened to those who have neither the wisdom of God’s Bible nor perform good deeds.

But God himself does not forego any part of his people. Rather, he binds them together, because only in this way are they like one, whole body (Vayikra Rabbah 30:11).

Comes in 3 Different Model Choices:

Sapphire Nickel plated plastic

Tiferet Silver plated copper

Malchut Pure silver