Gold Shir La'Maalot Kabbalah Ring with Turquoise

Gold Shir La'Maalot Kabbalah Ring with Turquoise

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This gorgeous 9 K gold ring is set with a Turquoise gem. A verse from the Song of Ascents in Hebrew is beautifully engraved along the Gold ring: "I will lift up mine eyes unto the mountains: from whence shall my help come?" (Book of Psalms, 121:1). This verse from the book of Psalms, Shir La'Ma'alot, or Song of Ascents, is a very well-known song in the Jewish tradition. In these verses, the speaker seeks for God's protection. Turquoise is considered to hold special energies, and is widely spread as a protection amulet. Turquoise is believed to bestow wealth and prosperity upon its bearer. It is also a symbol of love and friendship.

The ring is also engraved with two of the 72 Names of God. Shin-Alef-Heh– is believed to possess a special virtue for matchmaking and love. Heh-Heh-Ayne- is for finding unconditional love.