Eshet Chayil Kabbalah Pendant for Protection and Harmony

Eshet Chayil Kabbalah Pendant for Protection and Harmony

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Designed in oriental style, this Kabbalah pendant makes a beautiful and meaningful gift for the woman in your life. Made of sterling silver and 9 K gold the pendant also includes the five metals, according to the special Kabbalist formula. The blending of the five metals ( Gold, Silver, Copper, Tin and Lead ) is believed to draw on powerful energies and give the piece its unique appearance and spiritual qualities. The pendant is set with an energetic stone - a Chrysoberyl gem (Cat's Eye) for protection and abundance or a Ruby gem for fertility and prosperity. This one-of-a-kind pendant features a portion of the song Woman of Valor (Eshet Chayil): "She opens her mouth with wisdom and a lesson of kindness is on her tongue".
The song Eshet Chayil is traditionally sung to the woman during Shabbat dinner since the 17th century. The Song praises the woman: "A woman of valour who can find? for her price is far above rubies"( Proverbs 31:10). Today, woman of Valor or Eshet Chayil has become a second name for an able and hard-working woman.
The Kabbalah pendant is also inscribed with three of the 72 Names of God: Yod-Zain-Lamed for peace and harmony. Alef-Lamed-Dalet used by the Kabbalah to ward off the Evil Eye. The second combination Mem-Heh-Shin is believed to possess a special quality for bringing health and cure.