Ceramic Wedding Tzedakah Box

Ceramic Wedding Tzedakah Box

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This Ceramic Wedding Tzedakah Box is white with a purple base and blue trim. There is a bride and groom on the front under a chuppah (wedding alter) design. Makes a great engagement, wedding or anniversary gift. The meaning of tzedakah:
Traditional Jews give at least ten percent of their income to charity. Traditional Jewish homes commonly have a pushke, a box for collecting coins for the poor, and coins are routinely placed in the box. Jewish youths are continually going from door to door collecting for various worthy causes. A standard mourner's prayer includes a statement that the mourner will make a donation to charity in memory of the deceased. In many ways, charitable donation has taken the place of animal sacrifice in Jewish life: giving to charity is an almost instinctive Jewish response to express thanks to G-d, to ask forgiveness from G-d, or to request a favor from G-d. According to Jewish tradition, the spiritual benefit of giving to the poor is so great that a beggar actually does the giver a favor by giving a person the opportunity to perform tzedakah.