Ana BeKoach Silver and Leather Kabbalah Bracelet

Ana BeKoach Silver and Leather Kabbalah Bracelet

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Product description

This Kabbalah bracelet is a unique Jewish amulet for blessing and empowerment. Made of leather, the unisex Kabbalah bracelet includes a silver and gold disc. The disc features the Star of David motif (Magen David), which is the most recognizable sign for Jewish identity. According to tradition, the Star of David draws energies of divine protection thanks to its hexagram structure. The silver disc is also beautifully inscribed in Hebrew with the well-known Jewish prayer Ana BeKoach. The ancient prayer Ana BeKoach was written in the first century by the great Kabbalist, Rabbi Nehumia Ben Hakannah , according to the 42 names of God. It is a beautiful Kabbalah bracelet that anyone would love to wear!